Single column elevator
Structure of new concept which allows to perfectly turn over, with no need for a chute, the bowls of any type of mixer and planetary mixer. It turns over directly on the working bench, either on the hopper of the dividers or of the dough feeding hoppers. The reduced overall dimensions and the lifting speed, are peculiar features of this new model. Very practical hooking and unhooking system of the trolley. Superior and inferior bowl run-ending device on double circuit. It is supplied for any tipping height according to the various needs. It can work also with two bowls with different capacity. It is equipped with a safety system according to the Laws in force. It is available in two differents models: with column on the left side or on the right side.

Double column elevator
This is a steel frame made of two struts connected to each other by a base so as it can be easily detached. The sturdy properties of this frame enable the lifting of bowl-trolleys with capacities from 120 to 300 kg). Electric and mechanical drive units ensure safety for lifting operations. Fitting of the trolley into the lifting couplings is practical and secure. The elevator is mounted on wheels and after its final positioning it can be fixed to the floor. The safety guard and lifting speed comply with safety standards. Control panel and wiring system conform to IP55 protection class, and motors to IP54 protection class.
A bowl cleaning unit is available as optional.
The machine is manufactured in compliance with current safety, health and electrical regulations. Authorization is required from the manufacturer for any applications differing from those envisaged.

Modello Larghezza (mm) Lunghezza (mm) Altezza (mm) Potenza Installata (KW) Peso (Kg)
SR14 1510 2040 2220 1.5 505
SR18 1510 2050 2620 1.5 535
SR21 1510 2150 2920 1.5 565
SR26 1560 2330 3420 1.5 620
SRD14 2182 2615 2017 1.5 960
SRD18 2182 2615 2415 1.5 1020
SRD21 2182 2615 2715 1.5 1080
SRD26 2182 2615 3200 1.5 1190
Modello: SR14
Larghezza (mm): 1510
Lunghezza (mm): 2040
Altezza (mm): 2220
Potenza Installata (KW): 1.5
Peso (Kg): 505
Modello: SR18
Larghezza (mm): 1510
Lunghezza (mm): 2050
Altezza (mm): 2620
Potenza Installata (KW): 1.5
Peso (Kg): 535
Modello: SR21
Larghezza (mm): 1510
Lunghezza (mm): 2150
Altezza (mm): 2920
Potenza Installata (KW): 1.5
Peso (Kg): 565
Modello: SR26
Larghezza (mm): 1560
Lunghezza (mm): 2330
Altezza (mm): 3420
Potenza Installata (KW): 1.5
Peso (Kg): 620
Modello: SRD14
Larghezza (mm): 2182
Lunghezza (mm): 2615
Altezza (mm): 2017
Potenza Installata (KW): 1.5
Peso (Kg): 960
Modello: SRD18
Larghezza (mm): 2182
Lunghezza (mm): 2615
Altezza (mm): 2415
Potenza Installata (KW): 1.5
Peso (Kg): 1020
Modello: SRD21
Larghezza (mm): 2182
Lunghezza (mm): 2615
Altezza (mm): 2715
Potenza Installata (KW): 1.5
Peso (Kg): 1080
Modello: SRD26
Larghezza (mm): 2182
Lunghezza (mm): 2615
Altezza (mm): 3200
Potenza Installata (KW): 1.5
Peso (Kg): 1190