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Tradition and innovation / quality and design / reliability / efficiency.

Pietroberto is a global leader in the production of bread and confectionery machines with more than a 100 years of experience and the widest range of products available on the market. Our company has a well-working team composed of designers, technicians and collaborators of consolidated experience who work together to achieve the main object: THE CUSTOMER’S SATISFACTION.

To reach this goal, we put three basic ingredients in our daily work: professionalism, experience and passion.

The technological innovation and undisputed quality of our products are the main purposes of our engineers, who are able to customize single machines and automated plant systems to meet the individual requirements of our customers. The experience of our engineers and our company’s history really make the difference.

We are the leading producers of machinery for bakeries and cake-makers, and our main strength lies in knowing how to defend and maintain throughtime the quality of our products, designed and thoroughly tested in the most demanding laboratories, both in Italy and worldwide.

Pietroberto has been selected by the best food companies because of the robustness and reliability of its product range together with the assistance given in the choice and use of the machinery that best meets the customers’ needs.

Our machinery stands out from all because it’s built around the dough to be processed: it is not unusual to see how apparently similar machines have special work components that are necessary for shaping special dough and for maintaining the energy inside the dough itself.

The quality of the materials used in the manufacture, the accuracy and the design, make Pietroberto machinery a product with a strong personality, reliable and of great interest on the worldwide market.