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Planetary mixer MIX series

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Planetary mixer MIX series

The MIX planetary mixer combines together some features of the automatic planetary mixers with the introduction of the speed variation.
The bowl trolley is lifted and lowered electrically by operating on two bottons set on the control panel.
The gears in oil bath placed into an oiltigh box make the machine noiseless even when operating at high speeds. Thanks to the wide diameter of the tools, covering most of the bowl, it is possible to mix all the dough without leaving untreated parts. The bowl can be heated.
The MIX 60 and 40 models can be equipped with a set of bowl and tools to reduce the capacity respectively to 30 It. and 20 It.

It is small, sturdy, reliable and silent thanks to the very thick steel construction of the pedestal, accurate working and the use of transmission parts of excellent quality. It has the same mixing features of all the other Mix models.
The tools and the bowl are made of stainless steel; the bowl can be heated.

Model Width (mm) Length (mm) Height (mm) Installed Power (KW) Weight (Kg)
MIX40 590 910 1410 1.3 293
MIX60 630 975 1530 1.7 304
Model: MIX40
Width (mm): 590
Length (mm): 910
Height (mm): 1410
Installed Power (KW): 1.3
Weight (Kg): 293
Model: MIX60
Width (mm): 630
Length (mm): 975
Height (mm): 1530
Installed Power (KW): 1.7
Weight (Kg): 304